Speaker/Volunteer Testimonials

“I found the program to be in tuned with what our kids need today, and that is a positive start in the right direction. It’s so unfortunate that many of our children are deprived of a fair start in life, but it is quite refreshing to know that we have services such as The Teen-Train Program to give hope to those who don’t really know where to turn. Brother Tarvies D. Smith, please extend my gratitude to everyone who had a hand in this excellent program. Their generosity and dedication will one day make our world a much better place. On behalf of LifeSource Chicagoland Blood Center, thank you for inviting us to such a wonderful event. We truly look forward to working with your organization again!”

O’Brian Jenkins
Account Manager
LifeSource Blood Services

Teen-Train is a godsend program developed out of brilliance to meet the needs of youth in the twenty first century. The love, compassion and concern that I’ve seen exhibited in this program while participating as a speaker along side of it’s Founder and Pioneer, Dwayne Smith is nothing short of being inspirational,uplifting and exciting. Teen-Train is a must program that every adolescent need. This program is the catalyst and conduit to educate, prepare and propel youth toward their appointed destiny.” 

Mark Holiday
Paramedic in Charge
Chicago Fire Department

“The Teen-Train program is an outstanding contribution to the ongoing efforts of those of us who are trying to develop our youth to be tomorrows leaders. I consider myself blessed that my humble contribution is deemed worthy for inclusion. The Teen-Train program invites professionals from different walks of life to speak to the young participants about the requisites needed for achievement in life and the world of work. IMPACT is a very well structured program. It involves the participants with classroom activities, research, field trips, prayer and more. And because of this structure, the young participants are very well behaved, and their eagerness for knowledge is keen. Being associated with the program has been gratifying for me. It gives me a vehicle for which I can give back to society. I am extremely thankful to the program director, Bro. Dwayne Smith, for the opportunity to provide my humble piece to the success of the program. I look forward to the next installment.

Larry McGhee Sr.
Triton College, Counselor


Student Testimonials

“My name is Trenton Templeton and I am currently a Junior at Proviso Math and Science Academy. I am a full time student athlete, but happened to work in the summer of 2010 under Mr. Smith and his staff. At first I thought this program was a joke. No one could tell me that they would pay me to learn. I thought it could not be true. Moreover, I attended the program. Furthermore, I pride myself on being well informed. I also am a person that knows what they want and how to get it. When I entered the Teen-Train program, I had my mind set on being a veterinarian as my career choice. However, the Teen-Train program questioned me about why I chose the career path I chose. I really did not know. So this program placed a few more options on my table in terms of careers I might be interested in or careers that might interest me. Thanks to this program, I am focused on my career path. IMPACT helped me realize that my future begins now and I am grateful to have had this opportunity.”

Trenton Templeton

“The Teen-Train program has really improved my life in many ways. Being a teenager going into the workplace, this program has taught me several techniques and tips on how to get a job and keep a job. The guest speakers did an excellent job and spoke words of wisdom into my life. The colleges that we visited were very helpful because it gave me an insight on the college life and helped me get prepared for the next step in life.  The leaders of the program were good role models for me and all the other students. They all loved the Lord and each day they taught me new life lessons that will help me in the future.  I am really thankful for having an opportunity to be a part of this program.  I want to give a special thanks to Mr. Smith for starting this outstanding program.”

Brandon Partee

“Mr. Smith, first allow me to say “Thank You” so much for having the vision to start the Teen-Train program. The program helped me in finding my true purpose in life. The life coaches and guest speakers that were apart of the program encouraged me to follow my dreams, and to never give up no matter how hard the obstacles became. I enjoyed the self-help pamphlets that were given to me, that help me find what I truly enjoyed to do and how I could see myself being successful. I encourage anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to be apart of the Teen-Train experience to apply for a spot in this year’s program because it will change your life, just like it has changed mine.”

Ebonee M. Oliver
19 yrs old
Student, Penn Foster College


Parent Testimonials

“Mr. Smith, my son Demetrius attended your program for the summer and was excited each and every time I spoke with him about it. One particular time we spoke about resume writing and the fact that he had put together a resume after discussing it with you. I am the human resource director for St. Louis College of Health Careers and I am responsible for the professional development course that we offer. We discuss interviewing skills and techniques, resume writing and overall professional development. I receive and revise anywhere from 50 to 60 resumes every 6 week period. So I had my son send me his resume and his resume as an eighth grader was formatted and worded better that 80 percent of the college freshmen’s resumes I receive. There is absolutely something powerful in the curriculum you assembled. I thank you for your vision and only can imagine where it will go from here.”

Herbie Morrow, PHR
Human Resource Director

“The Teen-Train program established by Mr. Dwayne Smith is a very innovating and inspiring opportunity for youth. The concept of developing spirit, soul and body for today’s young people is phenomenal. Teaching them God’s Word in a practical (apply to your life way) is great. The job training skills , life lesson field trips, and renowned guest speakers charted a new course for attainable futures. Providing meals with nutritional training is a program bonus. Each student was taught how to dress for success, how to conduct themselves in an interview and how to show respect for themselves and others in a real work environment. Time management, personal grooming and goal setting are just a few of the truly great lessons learned in this eight week program. As an added incentive, each participant is given a weekly financial stipend. All in all, this is a life changing experience for any one who participates and I give it a Five STAR rating!”

Kathleen Williams

“I am writing to express to your my appreciation for the Teen-Train Program. Last summer my son, Brandon Partee was accepted into the program and it really has helped him. This program has taught him to think in terms of his future. He now realizes, that things don’t just happen, you have to prepare for them in advance, the time to prepare for an opportunity is BEFORE the opportunity presents itself. As a result of this program, he has gained more confidence in himself and his abilities because he now has an idea of what to expect once he gets into the ‘real’ world. We are in the process of selecting a college for 2012 and the first step is taking the ACT test. Instead of just winging it, he has voluntarily enrolled in an ACT prep class because he realizes how important it is to do well on this test in order to get into the college of his choice. Not bad for a 16 year-old!”

Latonia Partee